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Hello and welcome to cg-physics.org

Here you will find experiments, explanatory videos, slideshows and even interactive simulations on various topics of physics. The site is for students, teachers and students who want to get involved in a new topic.

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All content is freely available and free for private use, but not for commercial use. For school lessons, the videos may be linked and images on worksheets may be used. A mention of this site would be nice, but not required. (Note: use of pictures)

Hopefully, this page can help making physics more understandable. I'm especially looking forward to feedback.

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Electric motor

including Animations and Live-Action-Footage

Lorentzkraft Teil 1   Erklärung.avi snapshot 01.34 [2018.09.04 16.32.02]

Lorentz' Force

Including an interactive Simulation

Lorentzkraft Teil 1   Erklärung.avi snapshot 01.34 [2018.09.04 16.32.02]

Augmented Reality

use an App to explore physics in 3D


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